4-Taskun sivu, Toploadereille,  1kpl  UUTUUS!

Taskuun sopii, jopa 130pt paksuudeltaan oleva Topload
UV-Sekä happosuojattu.
Taskun sisämitat : Lev. 84 mm x Kork.  127 mm + secure läppä

4-Pocket Secure Platinum Page for Toploaders

The Toploader 4-Pocket Secure Page is the newest addition to the Ultra PRO Platinum Hologram Pages Line. This page features a protective flap for each pocket to secure contents in place and keep dust & dirt out. Each pocket holds a Toploader up to 130pt thickness. Pages are clear and fit in our standard size 3-ring albums.

• Hologram quality seal on spine
• Lays flat
• Toploading
• High-strength Seal
• Pre-punched 3-holes

  • Holds cards in toploaders up to 130pt
  • Protective flap secures Toploader & cards in place and keeps out dust & dirt
  • High clarity material, acid-free, no PVC
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 1 pcs

# 15848

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