2021-22 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1 RETAIL Pussi


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2021-22 Upper Deck  Hockey Series 1 Pussi

  • he first installment of Upper Deck’s flagship product sports a 250-card Base Set which includes 198 regular cards, 49 Young Guns cards and three checklist cards. Young Guns are the most anticipated rookie cards of the year!

    Another favorite among collectors, the UD Canvas insert returns featuring a collection of the top stars in the game today along with the best of the Young Guns!

    New Inserts! The 2021-22 edition of Series 1 sports an impressive stable of new insert sets sure to please everyone, from the casual fan to the avid collector: Honor Roll: The revival of a classic UD insert set featuring star players. Electromagnetic & Hundo P: Two intriguing all-new inserts! Electromagnetic features today’s superstars while Hundo P features players that are known for their hustle. Rookie Retrospective: New to the tin, this set features the top performing 2020-21 rookies.

    The popular UD Portraits insert set is back featuring stars and super rare short-printed superstars!

    Collect Green Dazzlers cards. Each brightly-colored card features a full-bodied active star popped-out (no background) on patterned foilboard.

    Look for Debut Dates cards highlighting the first game for the top 2020-21 rookies. Also look for Jersey parallel cards sporting player-worn jersey swatches!



    Rookie-Specific Cards:

    – Young Guns 1:4
    – UD Canvas Young Guns 1:96

    Insert Cards:

    – Day With The Cup Flashbacks 1:14,400
    – Day With The Cup Flashbacks SP’s 1:64,800
    – Dazzlers – Green 1:6
    – Debut Dates 1:32
    – Debut Dates- Jersey Parallels 1:240
    – Electromagnetic (New!) 1:27
    – Honor Roll (New!) 1:24
    – Hundo P (New!) 1:32
    – Rookie Retrospective (New to Blaster!) 1:40
    – UD Canvas 1:14
    – UD Portraits 1:27
    – UD Portraits SP’s 1:240

    Regular Base Set Cards:

    – Regular (200 Cards)

    Product Highlights

    • Look for Young Guns Rookie Cards!
    • Look For Green Dazzlers!
    • Collect the 250-Card Set!

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