2021-22 NBA Topps Crome Overtime Elite Basketball 4-Card Pussi UUTUUS!


4 cards per pack

Sarjassa mukana Rookies

  • Jean Montero
  • Kok Yat
  • Dominick Barlow
  • Amen Thompson
  • Ausar Thompson
  • Alexandre Sarr
  • Tyler Smith
  • Jalen Lewis
  • Matt Bewley
  • Bryce Griggs
  • Jazian Gortman

Mukana mm.

021/22 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite steps into the spotlight as the first Chrome release with OTE, and an exciting return to the Basketball trading cards for the beloved Topps Chrome brand!

Build the entire 100-card Base Set comprised of all the Overtime Elite League players, as well as some astonishingly clean inserts such as Topps 1969, Superfly, and more!


Look out for the first cards of Basketball’s future stars including projected lottery picks such as Jalen Lewis, Jean Montero, Ausar Thompson, and many more!

Overtime Elite, or OTE, is a transformative new sports league under the umbrella of Overtime and its 55M+ followers across social platforms. OTE offers 27 of the world’s top young basketball players the opportunity to turn pro, earn six-figure salaries, and develop as basketball players and brands as they prepare for the next level; all while competing against top domestic and international competition.

2022 Draft-Eligible:

Jean Montero, G
Kok Yat, G/F
Dominick Barlow, PF

2023 Draft-Eligible:

Amen Thompson, G/F
Ausar Thompson, G/F
Bryce Griggs, PG
Jazian Gortman, PG

2024 Draft-Eligible:

Jalen Lewis, PF/C
Alexandre Sarr, F/C
Tyler Smith, F
Matt Bewley, PF
Tyler Smith, PF


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