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Complete your 2020-21 Upper Deck Base Set – the most cherished and widely-collected annual set in hockey!

With more than 700 cards, including over 125 Young Guns®, this is the most extensive base set in the 30-plus year history of Upper Deck’s iconic flagship series.

Also look for the continuation of the inaugural Dazzlers – Green insert set. Collect cards 101-150 of this brightly-colored collection.

Upper Deck Extended Series revives some classic Upper Deck insert sets that will excite collectors old and new:

Ovation – Star veteran and top rookie sets. All cards are 40 pts.

HoloGrFx NHL/HoloGrFx – Star veteran and top rookie sets, and a Gold parallel of the rookie set.

Ultimate Victory – Star veteran and top rookie sets, as well as a Connor McDavid “Top Moments” set (McDavid MMXXI). Look for serially-numbered Retail & Blaster Exclusive Red parallels of each set.

Rookie Class SE – A top rookie set with a serially-numbered Midnight parallel that is only available in retail products.

Upper Deck Triple Dimensions Reflections – A star veteran and top rookie set.

Collect the 2005-06 Upper Deck tribute set, including Young Guns®!


Rookie-Specific Cards (w/ Parallels)

Base Set Young Guns 1:4

2005-06 Upper Deck Young Guns 1:24

Ovation Rookies 1:40

HoloGrFx 1:20

HoloGrFx – Gold Parallel 1:60

Ultimate Victory Rookies 1:16

Ultimate Victory Rookies – Red Parallel (Retail & Blaster Exclusive!) Serially Numbered

Rookie Class SE 1:12

Rookie Class SE – Midnight Parallel (Retail Products Exclusive!) Serially Numbered

Non-Rookie-Specific Cards (w/ Parallels)

Ovation 1:60

HoloGrFx NHL 1:60

Ultimate Victory 1:20

Ultimate Victory – Red Parallel (Retail & Blaster Exclusive!) Serially Numbered

McDavid MMXXI 1:80

McDavid MMXXI – Red Parallel (Retail & Blaster Exclusive!) Serially Numbered

2005-06 Upper Deck 1:8

Dazzlers – Green (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:14

Upper Deck Triple Dimensions Reflections 1:52

Regular Base Set Cards

Base Set N/A

Young Gun Rookies  30 cards.

701 Arthur Kaliyev – Los Angeles Kings
702 Joel Hofer – St. Louis Blues
703 Logan Stanley – Winnipeg Jets
704 Callum Booth – Boston Bruins
705 Cameron Hillis – Montreal Canadiens
706 Jacob Ingham – Los Angeles Kings
707 Connor Mackey – Calgary Flames
708 Kodie Curran – Anaheim Ducks
709 Patrick Khodorenko – New York Rangers
710 Artem Zub – Ottawa Senators
711 Fredrik Handemark – San Jose Sharks
712 Cam Johnson – Columbus Blue Jackets
713 Jake Bischoff – Vegas Golden Knights
714 Hayden Verbeek – Montreal Canadiens
715 Josef Korenar – San Jose Sharks
716 Aleksi Heponiemi – Florida Panthers
717 Jack Rathbone – Vancouver Canucks
718 Sasha Chmelevski – San Jose Sharks
719 Alex D’Orio – Pittsburgh Penguins
720 Kevin Bahl – New Jersey Devils
721 Mikko Lehtonen – Toronto Maple Leafs
722 Austin Strand – Los Angeles Kings
723 Mikhail Maltsev – New Jersey Devils
724 Cole Hults – Los Angeles Kings
725 Reese Johnson – Chicago Blackhawks
726 Glenn Gawdin – Calgary Flames
727 Michael Bunting – Arizona Coyotes
728 Drew O’Connor – Pittsburgh Penguins
729 Nolan Foote – New Jersey Devils
730 Aleksi Heponiemi/Arthur Kaliyev CL

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