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6 Cards per Pack

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  • Allure™, now in its second season following a very successful 2019-20 debut, sports a 150-card Base Set featuring 70 Veterans, 30 Rookies and 50 SP Rookies – the latter falling 1 in every 3 packs, on average. With several parallels ranging from simply color & pattern variations to color & pattern variations with autographs or memorabilia, Allure™ will appeal to a wide variety of collectors.
  • Keep an eye out for rare Auto and Jersey parallels, as well as the Blaster Exclusive Yellow Taxi parallel!
  • Allure is stocked with exciting insert sets. Here is a rundown:
  • NEW! Grand Entrance – Dedicated to the league’s top rookie prospects!
  • Iced Out – Back by popular demand! The checklist features a mix of active stars and rookies.
  • NEW! Diagnostics – Features a checklist of active stars.
  • NEW! City Celly – This insert captures the joy of goal-scoring, presenting players celebrating doing just that – and with the skyline of their home city in the background!


Autograph & Memorabilia Cards

Base Set – Red Rainbow Auto Parallel 1:400

Base Set – Red Rainbow Rookie Jersey Parallel 1:33

Base Set – Red Rainbow Jersey Parallel 1:100

SP’s 101-150 – Red Auto Parallel 1:133

Alluring Insert Cards (Non-Auto/Mem)

NEW! Grand Entrance 1:8

Iced Out 1:20

NEW! Diagnostics 1:27

NEW! City Celly 1:27

Regular Base Set & Base Set Parallel Cards

Base Set N/A

Base Set – Black Rainbow Parallel 1:7

Base Set – Red Rainbow Parallel 1:14

Base Set – Orange Slice Die-Cut Parallel 1:28

BLASTER EXCLUSIVE! Base Set – Yellow Taxi Parallel 1:2

SP’s 101-150 1:3

SP’s 101-150 – Red Parallel 1:20

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