2016-17 NBA Panini Prestige Hobby Basketball pussi


6 cards per pack

OLD SCHOOL INK/PRESTIGIOUS PREMIERES SIGNATURES/NBA PASSPORT SIGNATURES: Find an incredible mix of signatures from NBA Greats, NBA Rookies, and NBA Veterans in six distinctly themed autograph sets!

PLAYMAKERS: The ultra-rare Playmakers has become a collecting staple of the Prestige brand! Look for these gems to fall one per case on average!

REMINISCENT: Reminiscent pairs members of the 2016-17 NBA Rookie Class with a veteran player with a similar skill set! Other combinations include: Kevin Durant/Brandon Ingram, Jimmy Butler/Jaylen Brown, and John Wall/Kris Dunn.

PRESTIGIOUS PICKS: Showcasing the stacked 2016 NBA Draft Class, Prestigious Picks features a unique design on holo board stock (so it really stands out!), and falls one per case on average!

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