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36 packs per box, Each pack contains 9 Topps Baseball Series 1 Diamond Anniversary cards Plus 1 Toppstown.com Code card. Every Hobby box contains (1) Autograph OR Relic Card!!Topps unveils wrapper redemption for 2011 baseball set:Each collector who sends in 36 hobby wrappers or 10 HTA Jumbo wrappers of 2011 Topps Series 1 will receive in return a five-card pack of 60th Anniversary Black Diamond cards.There are 60 cards in that set to chase, but what makes these packs even more diamond-worthy is that there will be 34 different autographed insert cards to be found – all signed on-card – showcasing players from the 1952 set. Each former player will sign 60 cards to be inserted into these packs.Collectors should send wrappers (before Aug. 1) to:Topps Baseball Series 1 PromotionP.O. Box 2008Duryea, Pa. 18642*Collectors are encouraged to group their wrappers and send in 1 package.*Promotion ends August 1, 2011.2011 TOPPS BASEBALL begins its 60th Diamond Anniversary celebration spanning 6 decades of Topps Baseball cards with a glittering array of diamond feats, star-studded line-ups and flawless performances from the past and present. Topps Baseball Series 1 commemorates its unmatched history with ALL-NEW parallel, insert, relic, autograph, sketch and continuity cards:- ONE OF ONE CANARY DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY CARDS- 60 YEARS OF TOPPS CARDS- GLOVE LEATHER RELIC CARDS- ON-CARD ”HAPPY 60th” AUTOGRAPH CARDS- 60th ANNIVERSARY SKETCH CARDS- KIMBALL CHAMPIONS CARDS- TOPPS DIAMOND CARD GIVEAwayLook for Diamond Giveaway Code cards inserted 1:6 packs of Topps Baseball Series 1!! Win An Actual Diamond-Embedded Card and Much More!Key Rookies: Aroldis Chapman, Chris Sale, Freddie Freeman, Mark Trumbo, Kyle Drabek, Desmond Jennings, Hank Conger, Yonder Alonso, Brent Morel.PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:BASE CARDS:330 BASE CARDS:- 264 Veterans- 30 Rookies- 15 Team- 10 League Leaders- 2 Cy Young Award winners- 2 League MVPs- 2 Rookies of the Year- 5 Record-breakersBASE CARD VARIATIONS:- 25 retired legends share a card number with a current playerPARALLEL CARDS:PLATINUM – The entire base set is paralleled with each card featuring a”60 Years of Collecting” imprint. ONE OF ONE!BLACK – ”60 Years of Collecting.” Numbered to 60.Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.GOLD – ”60 Years of Collecting.” Numbered to 2011PRINTING PLATES – The 1,320 plates used to make the 330 base cardfronts. ONE OF ONE! Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.TOPPS SILK COLLECTION – 100 subjects from the base set on framed silkcards. Numbered to 50. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY PARALLEL CARDS:NEW! CANARY DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY – Flawless sparkling cards. ONE OF ONE!NEW! PLATINUM DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY – The base set paralleled sparkling with a Diamond Anniversary foil stamp. Inserted 1:4 packs!WORLD CHAMPIONS:AUTOGRAPH RELICS – The 2010 World Series champs with their signatureand a relic piece. Numbered to 50. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.AUTOGRAPHS – Featuring members of the 2010 World Series Championteam with their signature. Numbered to 50RELICS – The champs again with a memorabilia piece. Numbered to 100RELIC CARDS:NEW! GLOVE LEATHER CARDS – Each card features a manufactured glove leather relic along with the stitched name of a past and present hero of the field. 1 Per Hobby Case. 1 Per Jumbo Box.Available in Parallel versions numbered ONE OF ONE and 99.Hobby Exclusive!1964 MICKEY MANTLE REPRINT – Mantle’s 1964 reprint Topps card featuring a piece of a game-worn Yankee jersey. Numbered to 64.IN THE NAME – These ONE OF ONE patch cards feature a letter from the work-out jersey nameplates from seventy-six 2010 Anaheim All-Star participants. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.CUT SIGNATURE CARDS:BASEBALL LEGENDS – 15 diamond luminaries from the past and their cut signature. ONE OF ONE!CONTINUITY PROGRAMS:NEW! KIMBALL CHAMPIONS – Re-creating the historic and rare N184 Kimball Champion cards produced in 1888 which featured two gorgeous player images on each card front – portrait and action. These Vintage-design mini cards will span the 2011 Topps brand baseball program. The first 50 cards highlight legends of the game and current stars and will appear in Series 1. The next 50-card installment will appear in 2010 Topps Baseball Series 2 and the final group in Topps Updates and Highlights Baseball.NEW! 60TH ANNIVERSARY AUTOGRAPH CARDS – Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishing Topps a ”Happy 60th!” All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly on each numbered to 60 card. Numberous players’ cards will be inserted into each baseball product throughout 2011. Five will be found in Series 1.TOPPS 60:AUTOGRAPH RELIC CARDS – 20 legends and current stars appear on cards noting the statistical category in which each places in the top 60 all-time or active leaders with their signature and a relic piece. Numbered to 50. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.AUTOGRAPH CARDS – 68 stars from above along with a signature.JUMBO RELIC CARDS – The highpoint of 20 subjects is commemorated with a jumbo relic swatch on cards numbered to 20. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.RELIC CARDS – The landmark of 88 players, highlighted with a swatch.INSERT CARDS – 50 legends and current stars.60th ANNIVERSARY INSERT CARDS:60 YEARS OF TOPPS – The 60-year history of Topps chronicled with a reprint of one card from every year. Each card back narrates the story of that year’s design as well as other interesting minutiae. Available in an Original Back Parallel version60 YEARS OF TOPPS: THE LOST CARDS – These 10 cards fill in famous card numbering gaps found throughout the Topps annals. The card back recounts the anecdote surrounding each card’s history. Available in an Original Back Parallel versionHISTORY OF TOPPS – An overview of Topps from its nascency, and themilestones and events that complete its history.REPRODUCTION CARDS – A retrospective showcasing the world of Vintage baseball cards pre-1952 and pre-Topps!HALL OF FAME BUYBACKS – Original Topps cards of Hall of Famers are randomly inserted into packs.DIAMOND DUOS – 30 cards pairing 2 players posing on one card.60TH ANNIVERSARY REPRINT CARDS:AUTOGRAPH RELIC CARDS – These reprints showcase an on-card autograph and a relic. Numbered to 6. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.AUTOGRAPH CARDS – Famous cards from the Topps archives reprinted and highlighted with an on-card autograph. Numbered to 60RELIC CARDS – Collector favorites reprinted with a relic. Numbered to 60DIAMOND DUOS RELIC CARDS – 15 cards pairing 2 players and 2 relics from each on one card. Numbered to 5060th ANNIVERSARY SKETCH CARDS:Original artwork honoring the most famous and collectible cards in Topps history. Each sketch is an original ONE OF ONE masterpiece and is signed by the artist. Hobby & Jumbo Boxes Only.TOPPS 60TH ANNIVERSARY DIAMOND GIVEAway:Following the unprecedented success of the most unique and popular promotion in trading card history, Topps Million Card Giveaway, comes the next level of Topps innovative integration of in-pack excitement with online trading and prizes.A promotion to generate massive buzz and excitement supported by a massive 2 million dollar PR, television, print, in-stadium and online marketing campaign. Diamond Giveaway Code cards inserted 1:6 packs of Topps Baseball Series 1.Consumers enter codes at WWW.TOPPSDIAMOND.COM with a chance to win an ACTUAL DIAMOND-EMBEDDED CARD & MUCH MORE!Exciting prizes, including a ONE OF ONE parallel of every Series 1 base card, with an ACTUAL DIAMOND EMBEDDED INTO EACH CARD!!Each code entered provides a chance to unlock one of the below cards AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE:NEW! TOPPS DIAMOND COLLECTION CARD – Every card in the base set is paralleled and features an actual diamond embedded into each ONE OF ONE card!NEW! DIAMOND DIE-CUT CARD – Each of these cards features a current or legendary star on an alluring hologram graphic design enhanced by a die-cut emulating a diamond.NEW! BLACK DIAMOND DIE-CUT CARD – The same cards as above with a die-cut replicating a rare black diamond and numbered to 60.TOPPS ORIGINAL BASEBALL CARD – An authentic original Topps baseball card covering 1952-2009. Toimitus tilauksesta!

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