2010-11 UD Victory pussi


6 cards per pack

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS:* Find 1st Rookie Cards for players who debuted at the end of ’09-10!* Grab 1 rookie or superstar insert card from every pack!* Showcasing 200 regular cards of NHL stars & fan favorites!* Collect rare Gold and Black Parallels of the entire 250-card set!

PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:* First Rookie Cardso Victory Rookies – inserted 1:2* Superstar Inserts (combined to deliver 1 in 2 on average!)

Stars of the Game – inserted 1:4o

Game Breakers – inserted 1:4*

Parallel so Regular Cards, Gold // – inserted 1:36o Rookie Cards, Gold // – inserted 1:144o Regular Cards, Black // – inserted 1:720o Rookie Cards, Black // – inserted 1:1440* Regular Cardso 200 Regular Cards

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