2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospect Hockey Hobby laatikko


15 Packs per Box, 5 Cards per Pack. PRODUCT BREAKDOWN:Terrific Rookie Patch cards (combining to deliver an avg. of 1 per box!):o Autographed Prospect Patches – #’d to 399o Autographed Prospect Patches SP – #’d to 199o Autographed Prospect Patches Red Hot // – #’d to 25o Autographed Prospect Patches White Hot NHL Shield var. – #’d 1-of-1Regular Set Parallels:o Regular Cards Red Hot Jersey version – #’d to 100o Regular Cards White Hot Patch // – #’d to 10o Prized Prospects Red Hot // – #’d to 100o Hot Commodities Red Hot // – #’d to 100o Prized Prospects White Hot // – #’d to 10o Hot Commodities White Hot // – #’d to 10Sizzling Memorabilia cards:o Hot Materials – inserted 1:7.5o Hot Materials Red Hot // – #’d to 100o Hot Materials White Hot Patch // – #’d to 10Rookie Cards:o Prized Prospects – #’d to 999Subset Cards:o Hot Commodities – #’d to 99Regular Cards:o 100 Regular Cards Toimitus tilauksesta!

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